Council backs down in A-board dispute

Legal proceedings against a Cheltenham butcher have been suspended in a row over an A-board displayed on a pavement.

Allan Taylor of Grosvenor Butchers in Cheltenham had been summoned to appear before Cheltenham magistrates for putting out his A-board on the pavement.

But Taylor had said that his business relied on the A-board to promote his business and not having it could cost him up to £300 a week.

But the council had argued it had a duty to ensure the streets were kept tidy. Enforcement proceedings were begun and Mr Taylor was summonsed to appear before local magistrates.

But now, at the last minute, the council has agreed to suspend proceedings while Mr Taylor submits a planning application for the A-board.

If granted he will have to pay almost £500 in fees.

But despite the potential extra cost Taylor said he was relieved the prosecution had been suspended.

“I was jubilant when I knew I wasn’t going to court. I felt a whole weight lifted from me.

“I would like to say that the support that I have received from the customers who have come to my shop is fantastic. I want to extend a big thank you.”