The National Farm Shop Butchery Competition needs you!

Eblex has called on farm shops to showcase their butchery skills at Beef Expo 2011.

The National Farm Shop Butchery Competition is organised by Eblex and open to all English farm shops selling English beef. It aims to showcase the best of British beef and butchery talent by challenging contestants to create eight innovative and attractive products from one boneless topside and one boneless chuck primal (including blade and feather) of beef.

Michael Richardson, Eblex’s direct selling programme manager, said: “Increasing numbers of farm shops are introducing fresh meat counters. This competition is designed to encourage high standards of butchery and presentation in these outlets.”

“The ability to display quality beef in an appealing and eye-catching manner is key to  increasing sales volume and value, and also making the best of every cut,” he said.

Entries to the competition close on 13 May 2011. Entry forms are available by emailing diane.northrop@eblex.ahdb.org.uk.

Beef Expo 2011 takes place at the Newark Showground on Thursday 26 May.