Sainsbury’s increase support for British pig farmers

Sainsbury’s has reinforced its support of beleaguered British pig farmers by increasing the amount paid to the pork development group farms that supply all its fresh British pork.

The supermarket, together with its suppliers, has promised an additional discretionary payment of 5p per kilo until 1 August, or until the deadweight average pig price (DAPP) stablises to £1.50/kg.

At present the DAPP stands at £1.43/kg (week ending 14 May).

Simon Twigger, director of fresh and frozen foods at Sainsbury’s said: “This extra support demonstrates that we work closely with our producers and are keen to address the issues with them.

“We are committed to a sustainable pig industry in the UK which is why we regularly listen to feedback from our farmers.”

“It has become clear that current prices for feed are putting real pressure on our development group farmers so we have taken the right action today and will keep this under review.”

Earlier this week, the National Pig Association (NPA) and campaigning pig farmers stepped up the campaign to fight for more support from the top three retailers. It warned that shoppers may soon struggle to buy British pork, sausages and bacon, as sufficient supplies will not be available, unless the industry returns to break-even.

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