Army to ditch foreign bacon
Published:  23 May, 2011

The army will soon be marching on a breakfast of English bacon, it has emerged.

For years the troops have not been served British because it has been too expensive; instead, troops were offered cheap Danish or Dutch bacon.

Now, a unique trial has started with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to ensure that solely British bacon is supplied to troops. It involves turning four-year-old sow pigs into rashers – instead of the usual young male or boar pigs.

Sows, whose sole purpose is to breed, have been considered too tough and inedible in Britain and their meat is sold to German bratwurst makers and Italian salami makers.

Tony Goodger, at the British Pig Executive, said: “It’s still a little tougher, but otherwise you really cannot tell the difference.

“And I see no reason why, in a few years’ time, supermarkets cannot stock sow bacon as their basic, value range of bacon. They might have to call it something other than sow bacon; it’s not exactly consumer-friendly. But it would help British pig farmers enormously if they had a market for their sow meat.”

The news will come as a welcome shot in the arm to the UK pig industry – which has been hit by increasing production costs and is losing £18 per pig.

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