Tesco extends ‘click and collect’ to food

Tesco’s new CEO described a new era of multichannel retailing as he announced the extension of the Tesco ‘click and connect’ service to include groceries.

Until now, customers have been able to make orders online, but have had to wait in for delivery of their food groceries. The ‘click and collect’ service – in which customers order online and collect from their local store at their own convenience – was previously only available for non-food items.

Tesco Group CEO Philip Clarke unveiled the innovation when speaking at the British Retail Consortium (BRC) annual symposium last week.

He said that there was more or less no distinction between life online and life offline, and this created great opportunities, as well as providing challenges for every retailer. He said it put even more focus on consumer trust. 

He said: “Our big opportunity is to become a multichannel retailer – using our stores to support our online offer and vice versa.

“Our world will always revolve around the customer – the customer’s wish for value, range, service, quality, these remain fixed points in our world.

“We must deliver on these things or our businesses will fail to prosper.”