Brakes Group sees corporate responsibility success
Published:  17 June, 2011

Foodservice supplier the Brakes Group has become one of the highest ranking new entries in this year’s Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI).

The CRI is a benchmark which rates companies according to their impact on society and the environment, and helps them to improve their corporate responsibility. Brakes Group achieved a silver award, which puts it in the top 10% of companies in the voluntary scheme.

James Armitage, Brakes Group marketing director, said: “It is the first time that Brakes Group has entered the CR Index, following the launch of our corporate social environment responsibility (CSER) strategy in autumn 2010. It is a great accomplishment for a company to achieve a ranking on their first attempt.

“Whether driving down food miles, responsible sourcing, or supporting the communities we serve, Brakes Group strives to do the right thing. As a business we aim to provide what our customers need today, while delivering responsible and sustainable business practices to protect tomorrow.”

Stephen Howard, chief executive of Business in the Community, said: “I congratulate Brakes Group on achieving Silver band in the 2011 BITC Corporate Responsibility Index. It is a challenging time, but the results of this year’s Index demonstrate that companies are still focused on transforming their businesses in order to have a positive impact on society.”