Natural pork protein developed for ham products

A UK ingredient specialist has developed a functional pork protein for use in cooked reformed ham products.

BHJ UK Protein Foods has developed ‘Leg Drinde’, a 100% pork leg rind which can be used to supplement pork leg meat in cooked products. The manufacturers say that it adds value and saves on ingredient costs without compromising on quality, flavour or meat content.

Sales director of BHJ UK Richard Parnell said: “We recognise the increasing pressure that meat manufacturers face, with the rising price of leg meat and increasing demand from customers to offer better value. 

“Utilising our specialist expertise, we have been able to introduce an innovative cost-effective natural replacement that offers both great taste and functionality.

BHJ developed its original pork protein, Premium Drinde, from pork raw materials including rind, to add texture and flavour to sausages. Its research suggested that sausage manufacturers would be able to reduce their formulation costs by up to £14,000 a week by using Premium Drinde.

>New protein adds texture to sausages