Euro-wide anti-cloning campaign starts

A new campaign has been launched to stop meat from cloned animals entering the food chain.

Eurogroup for Animals wants people to sign its declaration to show their support for its initiative called Clone-Free-Food.

Its first signatory was Kartika Liotard MEP, rapporteur of the recent Novel Foods directive review.

She said: “It is a disgrace that European consumers without knowing and against their will are being served food produced as a result of cloning, although 77% of them refuse to accept it, according to the Eurobarometer survey. The Commission must now act and respect the wishes of Europe’s citizens and defend the welfare of Europe’s animals.”

This campaign has been designed to raise awareness of the issues related to cloning and to show the European Commission and the European Council that the society as a whole does not want food on their plates which are the result from animal suffering, said the Eurogroup.

Sonja Van Tichelen, director of Eurogroup for Animals, added: “Cloning of animals for use in food is completely unethical and unnecessary.  We are convinced that banning the products from our markets is possible and in line with international trade rules. What we miss is the political will and the courage to defend our consumers, to protect animals and to find a real solution.”

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