Asda announces price increase for Q-grade pigs

Asda has stepped up its support of Scottish pig producers by announcing a 4p/kg payment increase for Q-grade pigs as part of its Porklink scheme.

Working in partnership with Vion Food Group and Scottish Pig Producers Ltd (SPP), the supermarket announced the latest initiative to recognise the financial pressures faced by Scottish pig producers, reward quality producers and restore confidence in the Scottish pig industry. Other measures have included the introduction of a pig feed price supplement.

The move comes shortly after Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) released figures for 2010, which showed that although the total volume of pigmeat produced by Scottish abattoirs decreased for a second year running, revenues had increased as strong pigmeat demand resulted in higher prices in the wholesale and retail markets.

Asda’s senior red meat trader Jim Viggars said: “We are passionate about rewarding quality, as this is a key driver in satisfying consumer expectations. We recognise that it has been difficult for the British pig sector of late, and this announcement is another example of Asda’s commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for British pig farming.”

Sandy Howie, chairman of SPP, said: “Our producers are delighted with the ongoing commitment shown by both Asda and Vion with the news of this enhancement to the Porklink scheme. This allows our members to remain optimistic for the future and further invest in the industry.”

SPP has a membership of around 120 pig producers and handles more than half of Scotland’s weekly production of 14,000 finished pigs.

More than 300,000 pigs have qualified for the Asda Porklink quality premium since the scheme started in 2009.

The current UK deadweight average pig price (DAPP) is 152.34p (week ending: 18 June 2011).

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