New Black Label Beef promises consistent quality

West Country catering butcher, Turtons of Devon, have developed a new range of beef which provides chefs with quality steaks which guarantee consistency and sustainability.

The new Black Label Beef was launched at Butchers’ Hall in front of a selection of chefs from some of London’s top restaurants.

The beef is the result of a partnership between the catering butchers’ and leading beef farm operators, Blade Farming.

Master butcher Steve Turton of Turtons of Devon said: “Traditionally, beef production has been very diverse, which has led to a variability in quality, creating problems in the volume of premium beef available to the catering markets. Our goal was to provide chefs with the finest quality beef available offering tenderness, succulence and flavour, and to do it every time.”

It has taken ten years to develop the label using the most up-to-date systems of genetics and breeding, combining good animal husbandry, herd management and high welfare.

The meat is produced from Aberdeen Angus cattle which are slow grown and grass-fed to produce a consistent, well-marbled carcass. The meat is then dressed at 20-24 months, with the bone-in cuts dry aged for 21 days for extra tenderness.

Turton said: “Black Label Beef delivers steak with incomparable tenderness and flavour and it rightly deserves its premium positioning. What is exciting for chefs about this range is that we can deliver this ultimate quality every time. The coordinated approach we’ve adopted with our farmers means it’s sustainable; we’ve developed a healthy and consistent supply of top quality beef which ensures we can meet future demand.”

The range provides full traceability and is accredited by Eblex’s Quality Standard Mark for Beef and the Assured Food Standards Red Tractor mark.