Exotic meats on menu at Allens

Allens of Mayfair has brought out an exotic meat box offering zebra fillet, camel ribeye and haunch of springbok following the success of its TV show ‘Butchered’.

The meat boxes contain seven different products, which will feed two people for a whole week and promise an exotic twist to gourmet barbecues. The entire range comprises a variety of cuts, from kangaroo, bison, blesbok, impala, kudu, oryx, ostrich, reindeer, wild boar and wildebeest.

A spokesman for Allens said: “Whenever we’ve been asked to source exotic meats for the trade, we’ve always been able to get it in, but then the show came up and more people started asking. The ostrich and zebra were snapped up, so we extended the range.”

The meat is primarily available online and is sourced from Australia, North America and Africa.

Last month, the butcher’s shop, which is one of the oldest in London, starred in a documentary for TV channel Dave. The programme followed the owners Justin Prestin and David House as they catered for their clients’ unusual requests. The pair are credited with reviving the fortunes of the shop after they bought it in 2006, when previous owner CST Wholesale collapsed into administration. They opened the doors to walk-in trade and transformed the business, attracting rave reviews from chefs and food writers.