Global outlook good for lamb prices

The exceptional lamb prices experienced over the last two years look set to continue, according to a new report published by Eblex.

The International Meat Market Review has highlighted the role English lamb is expected to play over the coming months as global supplies remain tight and demand from the Far and Middle East increases.

Meanwhile, world beef supplies remained stable despite many major producing countries recording increases in production.

Debbie Butcher, senior analyst for beef and sheep at the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), said: “Recent herd rebuilding in Brazil and an improved growing season in Australia resulted in higher beef production, but these increases were offset by a 22% decline in Argentinean beef production due to drought conditions combined with an increase in heifer retentions.

“Overall, for 2011, there will be an expected slight decline in EU beef and veal production, though exports from England continue to grow, which is down to tighter numbers as well as the impact of higher cereal prices.”

The EU was a net exporter of fresh and frozen beef for the first time in 2010, driven by increased demand from Turkey and Russia.


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