Simon Howie rebrand

Award-winning Scottish butcher Simon Howie has rebranded his range of products to stress the heritage and tradition of the brand.

The packaging has been softened from black to cream, using textured card to create a more rustic feel, while the new photography represents traditional skills and crafts, using a farmhouse setting and nostalgic black and white images.

Emma Loftus, marketing manager at Simon Howie Foods, said: “This brand development project seeks to take the Simon Howie brand a step further and progress the components that represent the brand – its heritage, tradition and innovation.

“Many of our products are intrinsically similar on-shelf when compared with those of our competitors, but there are many points of difference that come from the Simon Howie business itself and can therefore be marketed as unique selling points. The focal point of the brand development project was to ensure these points of difference were communicated within the new packaging design and across all marketing communications.”

Earlier this month, the Simon Howie brand was listed in Asda stores across Scotland. The brand is one of the top 50 brands in Scotland, achieving 26th position in the Scottish brand charts in October 2010.

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