New cutting guide for butchers’

Eblex has brought out a new brochure highlighting beef cuts prepared using seam butchery techniques, which has the potential to increase butchers’ and farmshops’ profit margins by up to 8%.

The cuts, which are taken from the thick flank, topside, rump, feather and chuck roll, have proved popular in the foodservice and retail sector and are now being offered to Quality Standard Scheme members who sell direct to the public.

The ‘Simply Delicious New Cuts’ brochure from Eblex contains step-by-step instructions as well as a costings guide to help producers when working out margins. It can be downloaded from Eblex or requested in hard copy by Quality Standard scheme members.

Retail project manager for Eblex Mike Whittemore said: “Although seam butchery methods do involve slightly more preparation time, these are significant margin improvements and businesses really stand to benefit commercially.