Jobs risk as Vion restructures Coupar Angus

Around 115 jobs are at risk following an announcement today of restructuring at Vion UK’s Coupar Angus plant.

Vion said the plans to restructure the Scottish-based poultry unit could potentially result in 115 redundancies.

Recent multi-million pound investments at the plant had seen employment numbers swell from 600 in 2009 to 1,100 today.

However, Vion said the business was operating in an increasingly competitive environment and its trading outlook remained challenging. Further problems have been caused by rising feed, fuel and energy costs, which the company has struggled to recover from the market.

As a result, the company said the site continued to operate at a loss, and the business has been forced to take immediate action to ensure the long-term viability of the operation.  

It said the review of operations would ensure resources and demand are better aligned, and the company would now initiate a period of consultation with the Unite trade union to discuss the proposals and to explore ways of mitigating against job losses.  

Andrew Fisher, operations director of Vion’s poultry business unit, said: “We regret the need for these proposed changes in our activities announced today, and we have informed our employees of our commitment to consult with them and their trade union.  

“We are committed to the consultation process being as productive as possible, and we will be looking for every opportunity to minimise job losses. The business will be listening to, and investigating, all alternative proposals, and will take every step to support all employees during this difficult period.”