FSA target butchers with E.coli DVD launch

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is stepping up its campaign on E.coli 0157 with the launch of a new DVD aimed at the butchery sector.

Butchers are being offered the DVD to help minimise food safety risks throughout their businesses and it features three butchers talking about how they have tackled food safety issues.
The DVD is part of the FSA’s response to addressing the recommendations of the Public Inquiry into the serious outbreak of E.coli O157 in Wales in 2005, which claimed the life of five-year-old Mason Jones.

According to the FSA, the film, entitled E.coli O157 – A butchers’ guide to staying safe, focuses on three key areas, which include the threat that E.coli O157 poses to businesses and their customers, the importance of separation in controlling cross-contamination and the role of documented food safety management procedures in ensuring food safety and the ease with which they may be embedded into everyday working practices.

The DVD is also a useful resource for local authorities who carry out enforcement activity at butchers’ premises, said the FSA.

Colman Horgan, technical officer for food control at Luton Borough Council, said: “The Butchers’ guide to staying safe presents a common-sense approach on how control of cross-contamination can be achieved. This film illustrates how producing food safely requires determination but does not have to be burdensome.”

Sarah Appleby, head of enforcement and local authority delivery at the FSA, said: “We want to encourage butchers to put simple measures in place to ensure the food they provide is safe, thereby protecting consumers and their businesses. The butchers featured in the DVD show how they have done it, and demonstrate that it’s not as complicated as you might think.”