Pork campaign details finalised

The details of the latest £2m pork promotion campaign have now been finalised, and pig bosses are hoping the slogans ‘Grill it before you buy it’ and ‘Pork not Porkies’, will capture the imagination of consumers.

The ads will start to roll out across the UK from 3 October, and will challenge consumers to look for Red Tractor-branded pork under the theme ‘Only high welfare pork has the Red Tractor’.

As reported in the last issue of MTJ, the campaign will push consumers to understand the benefits of high welfare, quality-assured pork, such as that denoted by the Red Tractor.

The ads will also encourage consumers to visit the Love Pork website or its Facebook page where they will be provided with further details about the welfare differences and how they can show their support for the campaign by signing up to the pork ‘Promise’ – “From this day forth I promise to give more thought to the pork on my fork, to think twice about whether it’s quality pork produced by farmers who prioritise the well-being of their pigs.”    

Chris Lamb, head of marketing for Bpex, said: “The last year has been extremely difficult for the pig industry and for pig farmers in particular. But at the same time, thanks to the value for money it offers, its healthier perception and year-round appeal, sales of pork have outperformed all other meats.

“But it’s very important to continue to differentiate and promote the values of quality-assured, welfare-friendly pork and pork products and we believe the new advertising campaign will achieve this and help to stimulate sales.”