Simon Howie secures pizza contract

Scottish butcher Simon Howie has won a new contract to supply its award-winning dry-cured smoked bacon to food producer Cosmo Products.

Simon Howie bacon is dry-cured by hand in Perthshire and will now be used in Cosmo’s new bacon and mushroom pizza, part of its Scottish pizza range.

The pizzas will sold in Asda and Sainbury’s shortly.
David Niblett, national sales manager at Simon Howie, said: “We’ve struck an agreement with Cosmo to use our bacon on their pizza toppings. Our branding will be visible on the pack and it gives pizza-lovers a chance to bite into some delicious Scottish bacon.”

Cosmo Tamburro, of Bonnyrigg-based Cosmo Products, added: “We’re delighted with this deal with Simon Howie, which has enabled us to expand our popular range of pizzas featuring toppings from quality Scottish food producers.

“Our bacon and mushroom pizza will initially be available in Scotmid and we have also agreed a listing with Asda and Sainsbury’s, so they will be available in-store over the coming months.”

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