Bob Hitchin steps down

Bob Hitchin has stepped down as managing director of Tican UK.

His successor is Simon Halliday Tican UK's trading director.

Halliday has been part of the management team in Tican UK/Tican Chilled since its start back in 2000. Hitchin said Halliday, who previously worked for the Danish Meat Company, had played a big role in developing the business.

Torben Nielsen, chairman of Tican UK, said: "We sincerely wish to thank Bob for his efforts in creating a sound, reliable and successful company, that is playing a vital role in the UK market - not only for the sales of pork and bacon products from Tican in Denmark, but also pork, bacon, beef, poultry and dairy products from both the UK and the Continent."

Hitchin will continue on full-time in a role as vice-chairman until 2 January, 2009, to support the new management with this year's Christmas business.

From 5 January, Hitchin will continue as vice-chairman in a part-time role, with focus on quality issues, products and product optimisation between all UK companies and Denmark. He will also continue to be a member of the board of Direct Table.