Online opportunities for independent butchers

A new website has been launched to help small independent butchers generate extra business and attract online customers.

Mylocalbutcher.co.uk is a new web portal set up to allow butchers to join and start marketing products online without incurring the set-up costs involved in building and marketing their own website. Customers can search for a local butcher’s shop by postcode and place orders directly online. The order alert is relayed back to the butcher by text message, with full order details and confirmation of payment confirmed by email.

The site’s developer, Andrew Woodall, said: “It’s about providing one central database marketing across the whole of the UK to drive new traffic to all butchers’ shops.”

He hopes to recruit more butchers to ensure good national coverage and said that the website, which went live last week, would give them with the opportunity to compete with supermarkets by providing customers with a convenient way to order online. Orders could either be delivered locally or be ready at a specified time for customer to collect, depending on the butchers’ preferences. A 10% commission is charged on orders, with customers paying the website up front.

The website has been supported by the National Federation of Meat and Food Traders (NFMFT). Chief executive officer Roger Kelsey said: “The website provides opportunities for independent butchers and a possible way for them to expand their customer base through online activity without the expense of setting up their own website and payment gateways.”