Abattoir upsets council over felled trees

A Staffordshire abattoir has been strongly criticised by the local council after trees in woodland owned by the abattoir were felled without permission.

A J Green & Sons of Kidsgrove had cut down an estimated 60 trees on the 15-acre site, which forms part of Bathpool Park, before concerned residents contacted Newcastle Borough Council. The council sent out enforcement officers to halt the work and a preservation order was placed on the remainder of the trees.

Councillor Margaret Astle said she was shocked when she saw what the abattoir had done, describing it as “total and utter desecration”.

Lib Dem Councillor Marion Reddish, council cabinet member for environment, said: “A site visit was carried out after the council was contacted by a concerned member of the public on the same day.

“The borough council made a tree preservation order on the remaining trees after being satisfied that their removal would have a significant impact on the local environment and its enjoyment by the public.

“The order makes it an offence to carry out works, damage or destroy protected trees without lawful excuse.”

A J Green & Sons declined to comment.