Bradford offal transporter fined

A Yorkshire transport company transporting animal by-products to a rendering plant has been hit with a fine totalling more than £40,000 after poultry waste spilled out onto roads.

Alba Transport, part of the Leo Group, admitted breaching health and safety regulations during a hearing before Bradford Crown Court.

The court heard eyewitness reports that in 2009 skip trucks, collecting waste from restaurants in Bradford, spilled chicken offal over roads on several occasions.

One pile of intestines was seen on a pavement near a school and, on another occasion, a motorcyclist skidded on the offal.

Other residents described a strong smell of decomposition lingering for days.
In mitigaton it was said that Alba Transport was in the process of upgrading its fleet, so that the problem could not reoccur. It was added that spillages had been cleaned up and that disciplinary treatment would be taken against drivers when appropriate.

Passing judgement Judge Scott Wolstenholme said: “These offences are very serious. They cause considerable upset to members of the public concerned with the disgusting sight and smell of animal blood and intestines strewn across the road.”

The company was fined £32,000 with costs of £9,500.

After the hearing, Alba Transport issued a statement which read: “For us one spillage is one too many. We regret these accidents that have happened in the Bradford district and apologise for them. None of these were intentional and the waste material was not diseased, contaminated or hazardous, nor did it pose a risk to health.”