Iron Brew sausage could become a Scottish regular

A sausage made with Iron Brew and sweet chili could make its way to Scottish butchers’ permanent stock after its success at the British Sausage Week.

Created four years ago by butcher Alan Stuart, from Stuarts or Buckhaven in Fife, the speciality sausage’s recipe was sent out to butchers across Scotland for a week-long trial run. According to Stuart, it received such good feedback that some butchers are considering keeping it on their shelves.

“The Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Association (SFMTA) has received a number of phone calls from butchers saying it had worked really well,” Stuart said. “I would love to see it become the national sausage, as Iron Brew is so typical of Scotland.”

The sweet chili and Iron Brew pork sausage won the speciality sausage contest for Scotland’s craft butchers in May last year, prompting the SFMTA to promote it nationwide.