AutoCoding looks after accuracy

AutoCoding Systems claims that its auto-coding management system can help processors ensure that they are supplying products with the right packaging, the right label and the right date code.

The system controls every line using a dedicated industrial PC, housed in a stainless steel cabinet.  The line terminal communicates with an SQL database, holding key product information and relevant coding profiles, including date rules, promotions and concessions relating to individual SKUs. Data for the date code and associated packaging bar codes is then pushed to the relevant line. 

AutoCoding claims its system can seamlessly integrate to leading ERP and Planning systems, ensuring the master SKU data is automatically populated to the AutoCoding system database. In the event of a network failure, the line terminal will continue to operate using local data until the network is restored, at which time the locally generated data is uploaded to the central database thereby providing an unbroken audit trail of events.

Packaging can be verified by the use of a 2D code, or other mark, via in-line or off-line scanning to ensure the correct packaging components are continuously used during a production run. If required, the system can be extended to include promotional stickers. If a fault is detected – for instance an incorrect label, or a no-read from the scanner – or if the coder or labeller goes into “fault state”, the system has the ability to automatically stop the packaging line, ensuring mistakes are avoided.