Fire destroys Norwich plant

A bacon and ham smoking plant operating in Norwich for more than 25 years has been destroyed in a blaze. The Broadland Hams plant on the Sweet Briar Industrial Estate was completely gutted by the fire last week. (Nov 10)

First indications are that the fire started in a ham smoker. Further investigations are now under way.

Staff working at the plant were evacuated under emergency procedures, but only one minor injury was reported.

A spokesman for the Porter family, who have run the factory since it opened in 1986, confirmed to reporters that everything was destroyed.

However, the family has vowed to rebuild and, in the meantime, has already begun the search for suitable premises so that production can be restarted and outstanding orders  filled.

Eyewitness who observed the blaze described it as severe.

One nearby office worker said: “We are looking at it through our window. It  seems to be getting worse and there is thick black smoke coming out of  it. The whole side of the building seems to be on fire, and it’s bellowing out flames."

The plant employs a total of 25 people .