Eblex welcomes offal offering at Waitrose

Eblex has welcomed the news that lamb offal had been made available from the meat counter at Waitrose, saying it would help maximise carcase value.

Eblex retail project manager Chris Leeman said: “These cheaper cuts are not only full of flavour but also help to ensure full carcase utilisation and a fairer distribution of cost across the meat available.”

Waitrose announced earlier this month that it was adding fifth-quarter cuts to its ‘Forgotten Cuts’ range, becoming the first supermarket to offer lamb hearts and sweetbreads. The company will also launch a range of veal offal in December.

Thomas Richardson, Waitrose meat buyer, said: “The success of the ‘Forgotten Cuts’ range shows that customers are learning to love these cuts again, and we are keen to introduce an even wider range to the nation. We also have the interests of British agriculture at heart, and buying the whole carcase and not just choice cuts, ensures a better deal for farmers in the UK.”

The supermarket is offering recipe tips with its offal products, helping the public make the most of these cuts.

Jonathan Moore, Waitrose executive chef, said: “Not only is offal great-tasting, it’s also a talking point for the British public, who more often than not cook with the most expensive parts of the animal, such as chicken breast or leg of lamb. People who are unaware of these great cuts are missing out on a whole world of flavour and texture, if they are cooked slowly and properly.”

Eblex has also been promoting full carcase use, and recently launched a range of alternative beef and lamb cuts suitable for sous-vide cooking.

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