Wales seals lamb deal with Canada

Shipments of Welsh lamb to Canada have started, meat promotion agency Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) has announced. The organisation travelled there earlier this year to discuss trade with potential importers, after the Canadian government granted Welsh processors permission to export lamb to the country in July.

HCC market development manager Laura Dodds said: “HCC led a trade mission to Canada at the end of September and the response we had from the country’s importers was superb. The reputation of Welsh Lamb as a premium product had preceded us, leading to productive meetings with several leading Canadian companies.”

During their trip, HCC and Welsh processors visited the Canadian Food Inspectorate Agency, potential importers and a major supermarket. They also got the support of Canadian celebrity chef Mark McEwan.

“Celebrity chefs like Mark McEwan are also fuelling the demand for lamb by showcasing it on TV cookery shows. Lamb shanks are currently the ‘signature meal’ of choice among broadcasters who are catering for foodies. The meat also appeals to health-conscious baby boomers after nutritionists have advised them to have lamb chops. All this is good news for the Welsh meat industry,” said Dodds.

HCC targeted Canada this summer after research revealed growing demand for Welsh lamb in that market.

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