Butchers launch info sessions to cut Xmas stress

Butchers are inviting shoppers to attend free 10-minute sessions to reduce the stress caused by Christmas dinner. A Q Guild survey has revealed that three-quarters of British people suffer stress when buying and preparing Christmas meat, with one in 10 describing the experience as more stressful than a first day in a new job.

‘Meat Your Butcher’ is an opportunity for customers to ask questions and learn more about how to cook Christmas meat, as 25% of the 1,500 people surveyed said they had already had to deal with “Christmas disasters”, whether they bought the wrong size of bird, did not cook it properly or left it too late, finding themselves without festive meat on the big day.

Philip Cranston, Q Guild chairman, said: “Meat is certainly centre stage at Christmas; for many it will be the one time of the year when they have to cook for a large party or it may be the only time when all the family sits down to eat. Add to this the extra expenditure that goes into Christmas meat and it’s not surprising that many of us are feeling the pressure.

“We believe this is where quality, independent butchers can help, as we offer expert advice that will save shoppers money and stress during the festive season. Our Meat the Butcher campaign is for those who have never ventured into an independent butcher – we hope they will change their shopping habits this holiday season and realise the benefits of asking for expert advice.”

The Q Guild survey also revealed that 22% of respondants had never been inside a butcher’s shop.