J & N claims a first with affordable sausage-linker

J & N Food Equipment has launched an affordable automatic sausage-linker, which it claims is capable of producing around linked sausages per minute.

The Mainca PR250 feeder connects to the end of a standard butcher’s power filler and will automatically link and twist sausages. It works with any type of meat, including chicken. When the meat comes out of the nozzle it portion-controls, the machine stops, the nozzle turns, twisting the sausage and then the next one comes out.
The PR250 is supplied with three stainless steel nozzles of 12, 15 and 20mm outer casings, with a variable portion size. It is currently designed to be used with collagen casings, but will soon be adapted for use with natural hog and sheep casings.
The company claims the machine provides an affordable, labour-saving solution for small to medium-sized butchers’ shops. A spokesperson said: “It has been in development for about 12 months. Up until now, when a butcher wanted to buy an automatic sausage filler, he had to shell out £26,000 to £30,000. The complete machine, with a filler, is around £12,500. It is a labour-saving device and is accurate on portion control to 1g per portion. It is an unskilled operator’s machine – you can teach anyone to use it.”