Eblex shows benefits of livestock on landscape

Eblex has released a report highlighting the importance of livestock production for English landscapes. The organisation hopes to give perspective to the argument that meat consumption should be reduced to save the environment.

Landscapes without Livestock is an independent report conducted by Land Use Consultants (LUC) for Eblex, and depicts the evolution of the country’s landscapes in the next 30 years if livestock were to disappear from it.

Photo-montages, based on predictions from farmers, ecologists and landscape experts, appear next to current photographs, allowing the reader to visualise the changes between 2011, 2014, 2021 and 2041.

Nick Allen, Eblex sector director, said: “Landscapes without Livestock adds expert evidence to the debate about the beef and lamb sector and its impact on the environment. It is important that the many positives about livestock production are not ignored.
“Arguments from some quarters have called for livestock numbers to be reduced as an effective way to cut environmental emissions. However, simplistically looking at that issue in isolation ignores many of the beneficial aspects that livestock bring to their respective environments.

"The striking images, coupled with the narratives of change in the report, powerfully illustrate the possible effects of removing or significantly reducing livestock numbers and we hope will add balance to the debate going forward.”