Linpac introduces new sustainable trays

Linpac Packaging has launched 
Rfresh MB, a new range of sustainable trays for meat and fish products. 
The rPET trays contain up to 95% recyclate and offer excellent barrier performance ideally suited to poultry and fish products, the company claims.

They can have either a lock seal or peelable film solution, with a PE-base film layer for stronger seal integrity, and are rigid enough to protect products during transport.

Joanna Stephenson, Linpac’s 
vice-president for marketing and innovation, said: “The new Rfresh MB trays complement our existing range of Rfresh PET trays, which provide the same high-quality performance our customers see with trays made from virgin material.

The recycled material used in their manufacture goes through our food-grade super cleaning system to ensure we are not only meeting but exceeding food safety regulations. 
“Our customers can feel absolutely confident when choosing the 
Rfresh MB tray for their meat, poultry 
or fish products, that the packaging offers high standards in terms of product presentation, protection and environmental credentials.”

The trays are the latest addition to Linpac’s range of Rfresh tray products, which also includes Rfresh PP trays which are suitable for use in the microwave and freezer.

“We are delighted that we now 
have a complete range of trays that meet the needs of our customers, whichever meat, fish or poultry product it is they are packing or selling,” Stephenson added. 
“At Linpac Packaging, we have a 
sales team who can advise customers 
on which tray is the right one for them, to ensure they get the very best out of our products.”