Edge Worldwide launches tracker website

Food logistics expert Edge Worldwide Logistics (EWL) has launched a new website to help customers track their global freight orders.

The website also includes a currency converter to help accurately calculate the cost of movements around the world, clocks to allow for time differences when communicating with international business, and information on finding the right logistics solutions for different business needs.

It has been launched in conjunction with a  bi-monthly newsletter, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter page to keep customers more informed of the services EWL offers. 
EWL director Philip Edge said: “The new website offers customers a useful set of tools, which help them plan their global movements, get advice on the best ways to import/export goods, and supply chain management tools to track goods on their journey. We’ve gone all out to improve the look and functionality of the site, with a fresh, modern design and practical tools.

“We’re offering customers an opportunity to have tighter control of their freight, thanks to our new online state-of-the-art tracking system. This system monitors orders from when they are booked at origin and ties in with tracking tools that are in place with our global carriers to offer complete visibility of shipment and orders.

"It allows our customers to pre-plan, both in stock terms, with the goal of a reduced stockholding, and also financially, allowing customers to see the value of goods that are landing and organise supplier payment accordingly. Both of these steps will be of great benefit to cash flow, not to mention the bottom line, due to the savings we can make on the freight itself.”