Warning over salt content of Christmas meals

Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has advised consumers to cook their Christmas turkey at home to cut salt levels by over 50%.

The lobby group warned that a Christmas dinner with prepared food can add up to 15.7g of salt, more than twice the recommended daily amount.

Kay Dilley, CASH nutritionist, said: “Everyone likes to be indulgent at Christmas time, and it’s not just on the day but for the whole of the festive season that we might be treating ourselves to salty food, so our salt intake can really add up. But by cooking at home, your Christmas food will be even more delicious as well as lower in salt.”

The report showed that a prepared turkey breast joint from the supermarket contains 0.79g of salt, whereas home-cooked roast turkey only contains 0.3g. Ready-made pigs in blanket, however, have lower salt content than home-made ones.

CASH also suggests cooking vegetables from scratch, as prepared roast potatoes and Brussel sprouts contain added salt.