Another call for cut in meat consumption

A government advisor has recommended that consumers cut down on meat and dairy produce if they want to combat climate change.

In a speech to mark the UN's World Food Day yesterday, Professor Lang said Britain must tackle global warming through its food policy, and pointed out that one of the key ways to cut emissions is to eat less meat.

Lang, who teaches food policy at City University and first came up with the concept of 'food miles', said the world is facing a food crisis due to a growth in population and slowing production as a result of climate change and high agricultural commodity prices.

He warned that the world could be "eating its way to starvation" through inefficient methods of food production and said that consumers could make a difference by choosing more energy-efficient food.

"We must transform ourselves from being passive consumers to active consumers. We need to lobby government for change, eat less meat and fewer dairy products, and garden more."

Lang said that more Britons should start to grow their own fruit and vegetables and urged the Government to seek greater consumer involvement in food, praising examples such as Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food.

Lang is the latest in a line of academics calling for a cut in meat consumption for environmental reasons. Recently both Dr Rajendra Pachauri, the chair of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Tara Garnett, of the Food Climate Research Network, have also recommended that people eat less meat.