Eblex expands sous-vide range

Eblex has teamed up with master chef Steve Love to launch a second range of alternative beef cuts suitable for sous-vide cooking.

Love came up with six recipes for the seven cuts identified by Eblex’s master butcher Dick van Leeuwen in the beef chuck, usually only used for dice. The organisation has released a booklet to help butchers master the new cuts including Denver steak, rib-eye fillet, roasts and joints.

Eblex previously received good feedback when it maximised carcase value with its first sous-vide range, including 42 alternative beef and lamb cuts, with Michelin-starred chef Anthony Demetre.

Love said: “I was delighted when Eblex invited me to work with them on the beef chuck sous-vide product range. I was aware of the work Eblex had already done with Anthony, so I was inspired to get involved and come up with some new recipes.

“As a chef, the key benefits of sous-vide cooking for me are time saving during service, portion control and, most importantly, the consistency and quality of the meat I serve,” he added.

Hugh Judd, foodservice project manager for Eblex, added: “With so much interest in the first sous-vide product range, we decided to take the project one step further, by adding a new range of recipe ideas using the chuck.

“The results of cooking the chuck using the sous-vide method are wonderful – the meat is succulent and full of flavour. The recipes Steve has created are delicious and I’m sure they will go down very well with diners in a pub or restaurant.”

Coventry-based butcher Aubrey Allen recently hosted a ‘sous-vide inspiration day’ in collaboration with van Leeuwen. Held at Stratford-upon-Avon College, it explained the technique to over 80 chefs from around the UK.

Aubrey Allen managing director Russell Allen said: “The purpose of the day was to encourage chefs to consider a different and more inspirational way of cooking cost-effective cuts for their spring menus, which deliver increased margins, as well as customer value in terms of both taste and their pocket.”