New pie plant proposed in Norton

Planning officials are considering an application for a new meat plant in Norton, North Yorkshire, which would create more than 100 new jobs.

Construction management firm Trundley Design Services has submitted a proposal for a 4,770sq m factory on the Norton Grove Industrial estate, which would produce sausage rolls, pies, pastries quiches and other meat products. In its application, the company claimed that the plant would employ 120 full-time staff.

The application will be discussed by Ryedale District Councilís planning committee next Tuesday (14 February) and it looks likely that the plant will get the go-ahead, with support from both the district and town council.

A report on the application by planning officer Rachel Smith said: ďThe application form states that the development could result in the creation of 120 jobs. As such, the proposal is welcomed, and complies with local and national policy in terms of employment generation. The Councilís Head of Economy and Housing advises that the development, is particularly welcome at a time of economic uncertainty and increasing unemployment.Ē

The report added that some concerns had been raised over noise and odours from the plant, but said that any significant impact could be mitigated by appropriate conditions. It recommended that the application be approved subject to satisfactory resolution of these issues.