CIWF launches Good Pig Award

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) has launched a new award which will recognise higher-welfare production systems for pig-meat producers. 

The Good Pig Award is the latest category to be added to CIWF’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards and is open to all well-known or notable food companies in Europe which have a policy or five-year commitment to high animal welfare, addressing issues of confinement, lack of ‘manipulable materials’, tail docking, teeth clipping or grinding and surgical castration.
In 2011, the organisation awarded eight ‘Leadership in Pig Welfare’ awards to companies it felt were contributing to the CIWF’s ideals.   

A spokesman said: “Winning an accolade for animal welfare can provide excellent marketing opportunities and have a positive effect on the reputation of participating organisations. With consumers increasingly turning to more ethical produce, it makes sense for producers to move to higher-welfare farming systems and husbandry in order to stay competitive.

Its Food Business Team can provide businesses with advice to support a higher-welfare programme. These include information sheets on each criterion of the award, case studies of producers demonstrating best practice in high-welfare systems and ongoing support and advice.

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