French rugby juniors try Scotch Lamb

A leading French junior rubgy team were fed Scotch Lamb PGI over the weekend, as part of an initiative to boost lamb consumption in France.

The team, which are the 2012 winners of the French Juniors Rugby championship, were given a Scotch Lamb stew at a special reception organised by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) and French levy body InterBEV, after playing Edinburgh’s Royal High Costorphine Cougars team at Union Park on Sunday (26 Feb).

The event was part of Agneau Presto (‘Quick Lamb’), a joint initiative between QMS and the other UK, Irish and French levy bodies, aimed at increasing lamb consumption among young people in France. Agneau Presto is the sponsor of the French Juniors Rugby championship.

Afterwards, the players watched France vs Scotland in the Six Nations clash at Murryfield, and players were given special Scotch Lamb/Agneau Presto rugby shirts and scarves to wear during the game.

Laurent Vernet, head of marketing at QMS, said: “The Agneau Presto campaign is a great example of where the levy bodies can collaborate for the common good. Although France has traditionally been a major consumer of lamb, this campaign was launched to stop and reverse a decline and show mainly young and time-poor consumers that lamb is a quick, healthy and versatile option.

“What better way to highlight the campaign than to help what could be the next generation of French rugby greats, and underline the importance of red meat as part of a healthy balanced diet. Hopefully the striking Scotch Lamb/Agneau Presto scarves and rugby tops will be picked up by the TV cameras at the Six Nations clash and broadcast throughout France.”