New sheep marketing guide from Eblex

Eblex has published a new guide for pedigree sheep breeders, which aims to help them maximise returns through more effective marketing and communications.

Marketing Breeding Sheep for Better Returns helps identify clear business objectives, potential barriers to achieving them, the importance of making Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) more accessible to customers, developing a marketing plan, including online marketing, and tips for designing a website.

Samuel Boon, Eblex breeding specialist, said: “Our aim is to encourage breeders to think more about how to market their product and develop better relationships with their customers through more effective communication.
“We have a new wave of communications at our disposal, with smartphones, email and the internet to enhance marketing. It would be a pity for producers not to maximise returns by poor or non-existent marketing, especially given the new levels of interest in EBVs.”