Butchers urged to say NO to pie tax

Butchers are being urged to sign a campaign to prevent the government from introducing a ‘pie tax’.

Campaigners are warning that Chancellor George Osborne’s proposal to add VAT to freshly baked pasties and pies, which are currently free of the duty, could add considerable pressure on shops already suffering from high costs.

Meat Trades Journal’s sister magazine, British Baker, has joined forces with the National Association of Master Bakers to launch a ‘Say NO to the pie tax’ Facebook campaign and online petition.

Martyn Leek, editor of British Baker, said: “The newly proposed VAT could result in unnecessary pressure on food retailers. There are a lot of grey areas surrounding the hot food tax, and we should question whether it is more of a burden.

"A huge number of businesses across the UK, selling pies and pasties, have come out in suppport of the campaign to ‘say no to 20% pie tax’ and we now need to keep this momentum going, and make sure our collective voices are heard.

"Whether you sell pies and pasties, or are a consumer of these products, please make sure you sign our e-petition.”

To join the crusade:

    * Like British Baker’s dedicated Facebook page and voice your opinions within the craft bakery community
    * Pledge your support and sign the e-petition to try and stop the tax from going ahead