Marel launches automatic meat marinade line

Marel has launched a new in-line 
meat marination system, which it claims allows food processors to meet increasing demand for marinated products quicky and easily. 

The ValueSpray is the latest addition to Marel’s range of marinating equipment, which is specifically designed for in-line marinating of portioned and fragile products, including bone-in, fresh, frozen or further processed meat and poultry portions.

It has an accurate pick-up, producing uniformly coated portions with less giveaway of marinade, with high viscosity marinades applied with ease. Rapid changeover enables processors to react quickly to the demands of their retail customers.

ValueSpray can be integrated with Marel portioning and slicing equipment to form an automatic marinating line, which marinates and then groups the portions ready for packing into trays or a thermoformer. This reduction in labour and product handling gives a very consistent product presentation.

Marel, headquartered in Iceland, is a global provider of advanced standalone equipment, integrated processing systems and software solutions to the fish, meat and poultry industries.