Foyle Food Group joins Fabra

Northern Ireland processor Foyle Food Group has joined the Foodchain and Biomass Renewables Association (Fabra) in a bid to improve the environmental impact of its slaughtering, deboning and rendering operations.

The company, which slaughers and bones approximately 200,000 animals annually and has a category 1 rendering plant, joins five of Britain’s biggest animal by-product processing businesses in the group.

Foyle Food Group director Nigel McIlwaine said: “In common with other Fabra members, we’re focused on minimising the environmental impact of our operations.

“As well as bringing another 25 years’ experience to the Fabra board, we can also provide a valuable insight into the slaughterhouse and meat processing sector.”

Fabra recently launched a new, fully-funded practical training and education programme aimed at all those involved in handling animal by-products.

Chief executive Stephen Woodgate said: “Extracting the maximum economic, environmental and nutritional value from animal by-products will benefit the entire meat chain.

“Doing so will require co-operation at every step to ensure that we capture, sort, transport, process and use by-products safely and maintain the confidence of consumers and regulators.  

“We are committed to achieving that goal through training, education, communication and investment, and with Foyle Food Group on the board, we’ll be able to do so with greater authority and understanding.”