Eblex delivers supply chain warning

Greater co-operation and understanding throughout the supply chain is vital if the sector is to overcome the challenges of tightening supplies, the chairman of Eblex has warned.

Following the publication of a new state-of-the-industry report, Balancing the Market, John Cross warned there were fundamental flaws in how the industry operated.

"Doubts about the ability of the supply chain to continue to deliver remain as we sit amid the gathering storm of rapidly growing global demand for a product that is in decreasing supply.

"This will create new challenges, and a strategic shift in attitude and approach is needed to ensure supply chains are secured to weather this storm. Central to this is a better understanding of the operations and goals of each link in the chain by the other links.

"Farmers, processors and, particularly, retailers all need to understand each other better and the forces that affect their respective enterprises. We need an era of greater co-operation to tackle shared challenges.”