BMPA head calls for united front on supply

The new president of the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA), Andrew Simpson has called on all parts of the supply chain to tackle the challenges facing the red meat industry.

Speaking at the BMPA conference (24 May), Simpson said: “The squeeze on margins is unrelenting — livestock supply is tight, raw material costs are rising, consumers are very hard-pressed in difficult economic times and customers are as demanding as ever.

“We are also facing continuing burdens of regulation and, while necessary, it seldom adds to profitability.”

He told delegates that the livestock market situation was of real concern to our members, and the combination of tight supply, foreign export demand, pressure on household budgets and retail’s approach to the marketplace was proving remorseless. “Ultimately, all parts of the supply chain need to work together to provide confidence based on the expectations of a reasonable margin,” he said.

He also called on the government to encourage sustainable livestock production and said the industry must continue to extol the positive nutritional and environmental benefits of livestock and meat production when it is attacked by narrow-interest groups.

He said: “We must counter flawed, narrow research studies with balanced, robust and informed science to explain the important nutritional value of red meat in a balanced diet.”