Planning permission granted for ABP York

Planning permission has been granted for ABP York to redevelop its abattoir at Murton Lane, York, in order to improve animal welfare and sustainability.

The company said that the redevelopment will deliver one of the most advanced and environmentally sustainable beef processing facility in the UK, which would provide a long term commitment to its employees, customers and farmer suppliers.

Although the development is not due to increase capacity, it is intended to replace and improve the existing facilities, and it is understood to comprise of a new food production building, abattoir and lairage, covering around 12,100sqm.

A spokesman for ABP said: “The development at Murton Lane, York is one element of an investment programme in all our plants which will ensure that ABP continues to be the leading beef processor in the UK.
“The York plant has served ABP for over thirty years, and provides employment for 120 staff. We have decided that a replacement of the existing abattoir will underpin our commitment to important suppliers in Yorkshire by providing a local facility that will last for many decades to come.
“The development means that Yorkshire will have one of the most advanced and environmentally sustainable beef processing plant in the UK.   
“The plant will be located on land we already occupy at Murton Lane, and will include many advanced features. We will incorporate the highest standards in animal welfare which are based on world leading designs.
“The new facility will incorporate the latest materials and equipment, delivering a first class working environment and significantly reducing waste, energy, noise and odour.”

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