FSA postpones board discussion on full-cost recovery

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has postponed its discussion on full-cost recovery for meat inspections, which had been planned for its board meeting on 19 June, pending more information. 

Last month, FSA director of operations Andrew Rhodes told the British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) conference (24 May) that the FSA would give detailed consideration to the concerns raised by some members of the Reducing Regulation Committee (RRC) to the FSA’s proposals for full-cost recovery.

He said that the board would be provided with a more detailed paper at its meeting in June, in light of the government’s concerns that FSA’s proposals would adversely affect smaller slaughterhouses.

However, a spokesman confirmed that this was now not the case as “more time is needed to collect information together for the board”.  

The FSA confirmed that while it would be considering the government’s concerns and discussing next steps, this would now take place at a future board meeting.

The government's rejection of the FSA's proposals was greeted with enthusiasm by the industry, but concerns have remained over how the FSA intends to deal with the rejection of its charging proposals. Industry has called on the FSA to work more proactively with them to develop a new approach, based on the recommendations for meat inspections put forward by the MacDonald Task Force.

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