Alderney to get abattoir

Alderney, in the Channel Islands, is about to get its own abattoir. The new facility includes a lairage, fully equipped slaughterhall, chill store, freezer and cutting plant.

It has been built by the islandís only farmer, Michael Cox, who has undertaken all the work himself except fitting out the electrics and refrigeration. The £230,000 cost includes a contribution from the islandís local authority.

Cox moved to the tiny island, which measures just three miles long by one-and-a-half miles wide, 12 years ago as a dairy farmer, but has since built up a thriving meat trade serving the 2,000 population. ďThere seems to be an almost insatiable demand for local beef,Ē he said.

The new abattoir begins slaughter trials on Wednesday (18 July). When fully up and running, the annual throughput is likely to be 100 cattle, 100 pigs and a few sheep.