Bpex helps with floor slats

Bpex has highlighted the need for all floor slats used in Englandís pig houses to comply with pig welfare requirements by 1 January 2013.

Pig welfare legislation will require all floor slats to meet specific criteria, but Bpex said it could be possible that some floor slats will not be compliant, due to minor damage or excessive size.

Potential solutions are now being investigated by Bpex to help pig keepers with slats that may not be compliant. Bpex will look at undertaking a long-term field trial evaluation of possible remedial treatment products to bring the slats up to standard.

Suppliers and manufacturers of products and equipment have been asked to make submissions to be included in the trial. Pig keepers with slats that do not comply have also been invited to make a request to Bpex to put their sites forward for appropriate scale-trial work.

The deadline for submissions is 31 July. For more information contact Bpex on kt@bpex.ahdb.org.uk.