Welsh farmers' organic meat drive

A young farming couple are aiming to make organic meat accessible to those on low budgets by fixing prices on their website regardless of weight.

Jonathan and Sally Rees of Welsh Farm Organics in Powys have fixed all prices on their website in an effort to prevent the uncertainty of what the bill will be when shopping online.

Sally Rees said: "As a Mum, and wife I know how difficult budgeting for my groceries is, even though we have the meat on the farm. I think it is important that retailers like ourselves recognise the difficulties that people are going through and do all we can to help, particularly in the area of food for the table."

Unlike other retailers who price their meat by weight, Welsh Farm Organics have introduced fixed prices for meat products as well as a multi-buy discount structure with discounts as high as 20%.

The meat producers are also aiming to launched a scheme in the run up to Christmas called 'Club Organic' which enables groups of neighbours and social groups to club together when making orders which gives discounts. For example if a family wants to buy two steaks, they will be able to benefit from the discounts available for four or six steaks simply because their neighbours are buying at the same time.

Farmer Jonathan Rees said: "It is all very well offering multi-buy discounts, but I when I was looking at some of our orders I realised that in more than one instance we were delivering to multiple address that were on the same street. "In one case two orders were delivered two days apart to next door neighbours. That is not good for the environment and the customers could have saved money by simply combining their orders."