Eblex rolls out new point-of-sale kits

Eblex is rolling out two new point-of-sale (POS) kits to help independent butchers’ drive sales of quality assured beef and lamb, as well as a special kit which promotes the enhanced standards and specifications of the Eblex Quality Standard Mark scheme (QSM), which comes into effect on 6 August.

The first POS kit to be issued, in July, is part of a new three-year campaign to boost lamb sales by promoting the everyday use of lamb. It comprises two posters and 50 recipe leaflets, which contain a competition for customers. The July kit concentrates on the versatility of QSM lamb mince and will be followed by further kits in September, featuring lamb shoulder cuts, and another concentrating on premium lamb cuts in November.

A ‘Steak-O-Meter’ will also be included, which complements the Steak Bar kit issued in May. A three-star ‘Steak-O-Meter’ rating guide has been designed to help customers choose a steak that suits their individual taste preferences, by attributing flavour and tenderness attributes to all eight steaks in the Steak Bar range.

The special Quality Standard Mark Promotional kit aims to communicate the key benefit of the enhanced QSM scheme to the consumer - that eating quality is guaranteed. Each kit includes three posters, a leaflet dispenser and 50 consumer leaflets featuring beef and lamb recipes as well as advice on cooking times. This will be dispatched to all members of the scheme who responded to a direct mail-shot.

The third seasonal promotional kit, to be sent in September, includes a range of braising and casseroling recipes for autumn. The kits are available free of charge to members of the Quality Standard Mark Scheme.

Mike Whittemore, Eblex trade team marketing manager, said that point-of-sale material helped to boost impulse sales of beef and lamb, and create a sense of theatre in the shop. 

He said: “All of our promotional kits have been designed to highlight the key messages behind our campaigns and provide retailers with the tools to bring them to life in their shops.

Since announceming that the QSM scheme was going to be strengthened three months ago, more than 160 new members have signed up, Eblex revealed. 

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